About us

Joyor is a professional electric scooter brand. Advocating the brand concept of "convenient lifestyle", committed to providing high-quality
High quality electric scooter. Before that, we had 7 years of bicycle manufacturing experience. The company has an enterprise technology center that gathers domestic excellent R&D teams and technical talents. The products have successfully entered Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, and have a certain influence by virtue of their excellent quality. The company adheres to the concept of "making better products" to provide consumers with good experience and high-quality services.


10 years of experience in bicycle industry.90 Cooperative enterprises.375 Senior engineers on the job.

The original intention of the JOYOR brand is to build a green and environmentally friendly platform to allow more people to participate in a low-carbon lifestyle. Our research direction has always been to use the latest high technology to improve energy conversion efficiency to achieve this goal."Environmental protection and energy saving, we do it for the world; fashion and safety, we do it for you." This is one of the tenets of our product design.

Say goodbye to traffic, delays and uncertainty. With light electric vehicles you can travel unhindered on cycle paths and local streets to get wherever you need to go at unprecedented speeds. Designed with portability and packability in mind, these vehicles offer the ultimate in versatility in urban, suburban and campus environments

Our brand is about environmental responsibility and a commitment to a sustainable future. We aim to reduce CO2 emissions by reducing mankind's dependence on fossil fuels. But in the pursuit of environmental responsibility, we never compromise on quality. What we call for is sustainable quality and a sustainable environment.

We make sure that the products we manufacture have been designed to fit seamlessly into every lifestyle. Regardless of the distance that needs to be covered, our ergonomically-focused design processes ensure that riders travel in absolute comfort.