Consult before buying

I'm having technical issues with my Joyor electric scooter. what should I do ?

Please contact the official Joyor electric scooter dealer where you purchased your Joyor. If you purchased your scooter online from Joyor, please contact our support team at support@joyor-escooter.com.

Joyor electric scooter have a warranty?

The Joyor electric scooter comes with a 1-year warranty and a 6-month battery warranty. The warranty applies if there is no physical damage to the electric scooter or its components. Please see the Joyo Electric Scooter Warranty Policy page for more details. There is no after-sales warranty for used electric scooters. If you have any questions about your electric scooter, please contact our support team: support@joyor-escooter.com

What is the return and refund policy for Joyor electric scooters?

If you do not use or ride your Joyor electric scooter, and only new models can be returned, you can cancel the order within 14 days of purchase and return the Joyor electric scooter in its original packaging. You can find more details on the Joyor Electric Scooter General Terms of Sale page.

How long do electric scooters last?

The service life of a scooter can vary depending on the brand, the autonomy of the electric scooter (high, medium or low), intensity of use (km traveled), type of trip (long or short, road gradient, type of surface ), user weight, scooter handling and loading cycles, regular maintenance and preventive eye examinations before riding. Type of road, type of surface), user's weight, operating and loading cycles of the scooter, regular maintenance and preventive eye examination before riding.

A mid-range scooter can last perfectly well for 2 or 3 years, and if it is modified and the worn parts replaced before something goes seriously wrong, it can last a few more years and kilometers.

Can Joyor electric scooters be used in the snow?

The tires on the Joyor electric scooter are not suitable for use in snow. The lowest temperature the Joyor can withstand is -5°C. You can view safety instructions for other Joyor electric scooters in the Joyor user manual.

Can Joyor electric scooters be used on rainy days?

Yes, you can drive your Joyor in the rain, but be careful on slippery surfaces. Do not drive or place the electric scooter where the water level is higher than 5cm to avoid damaging the battery and other components. The large 10-inch wheels on the S and Y models of Joyo electric scooters are more stable on slippery surfaces than electric scooters with smaller wheels. You can find more safety instructions for your Joyor electric scooter in the Joyor user manual.

Is the Joyor electric scooter good at climbing?

For an average-weight person, the Joyor electric scooter can climb 10-12 degrees (~15% grade), which should be enough for most streets/roads. For those infamous inclines, riders can still kick the e-scooter and propel themselves up the hill like a standard scooter, and it'll still be faster than walking or biking. The more powerful the motor, the better the electric scooter’s ability to climb. The heavier the scooter and/or rider, the harder it is for the scooter to climb hills. The bigger the wheels, the smoother the ride and the fewer road imperfections you'll feel.

What is the maximum weight that the Joyor electric scooter can support?

All Joyor electric scooter models have a maximum weight capacity of 120kg. Weight and driving conditions are closely related in terms of speed.

Can the pneumatic tires be replaced with solid tires on the Joyor electric scooter?

Electric scooters with solid tires have less risk of bursting, but they ride less smoothly and produce a lot of vibration. Joyor's S and Y series electric scooters are designed to provide a comfortable, stable and smooth ride. Joyor’s S and Y series of electric scooters are designed for those who are willing to compromise on comfort to minimize maintenance-related issues. They are available with pneumatic front tires and solid rear tires. They are available with pneumatic front tires and solid rear tires. One of the tires is inflated so you can continue to enjoy your ride. You can buy original tubes and tires in our online store. We do not recommend changing the design of your product or using tires from another supplier. The tire cannot be replaced with a solid tire. To avoid a flat tire, you must follow certain rules for maintenance and use of your e-scooter.

What are the payment methods at Joyor electric scooter online store?

Currently you can pay via credit card, PayPal, bank transfer and installments (up to 6 interest-free payments).

Please remember that if you choose to pay by bank transfer you must send your receipt within 48 hours or we will cancel your order.

What is the battery life of Joyor electric scooter?

The average life of Joyor electric scooter battery is 1000 cycles. Proper maintenance can significantly extend the life of your electric scooter battery. Typically, with normal use and maintenance, it should perform well for more than 10 years.

Should I fully discharge my electric scooter battery before charging it?

No, you shouldn't. Avoid completely draining your electric scooter battery before charging again. Always make sure the battery is at least 10%. If you charge your electric scooter battery regularly and don't discharge it for long periods of time, this will help you prolong its lifespan.

How often should I charge my electric scooter battery?

Always make sure your Joyor electric scooter has at least 10% battery charge. It is recommended that the battery charge level of an electric scooter is 30-70% of the total battery capacity. Avoid completely draining your electric scooter's battery to zero before charging. You can charge your electric scooter immediately after a short ride. If you're riding a long distance, wait about 30 minutes for it to cool down before charging. Do not leave a severely drained electric scooter battery for several hours. Recharge in time. When storing your electric scooter for long periods of time, make sure the battery is at least 40-50% charged. It is recommended that your electric scooter be charged at least once every 30 days. Leaving an electric scooter for about 3 months without charging can cause battery damage.

How do I know my electric scooter's battery is charged?

There is an indicator light on the charger of an electric scooter. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator light turns green (from red or yellow). You can also check the battery level through the battery charging indicator light on the LCD screen, or check the real-time voltage of the electric scooter battery:

Battery Minimum Voltage Maximum Voltage

24V 19V 29.2V 36V 27V 42V 48V 37V 54.6V

The real-time voltage of the battery is displayed in the multi-indicator area of the LCD display. You can find out how to access it in the Joyor Electric Scooter User Manual.

If the electric scooter is not fully charged, can I unplug the charging plug?

After connecting the e-scooter to the charger, allow the battery to fully charge - do not interrupt charging. Uninterrupted charging to 100% capacity is required at least every three charge cycles.

What is the true top speed of Joyor electric scooter?

The top speed of your Joyor electric scooter may vary depending on a variety of factors: battery power, terrain type, wind, rider weight. Maximum speed recommended according to most European regulations

Why do excellent electric scooters with different motor powers have the same top speed?

The power of the motor does not determine the top speed of an electric scooter, but rather its acceleration and ability to climb hills and carry a heavier rider.

What is the true distance range?

When comparing Joyor electric scooter models, it is important to take into account that all technical characteristics of all Joyor electric scooter models on our website are measured in a test environment with a 75kg rider, flat terrain, no wind, and average levels. Speed 20-25 km/h, second gear. These are the factors that affect the performance of an electric scooter, mainly the driving distance. Depending on your weight, terrain type, and other conditions, you can adjust your expectations more or less compared to your test environment results.

Do I still have an aftermarket warranty after modifying my scooter?

No, there is no warranty for modified scooters, please do not modify your scooter without authorization.

How do I verify that my Joyor electric scooter meets the technical features I have chosen?

1) You can check the power of the motor and the voltage of the motor by looking at the serial number of the motor (rear wheel). The serial number xx48V500Wxxxxxxxxxxx indicates that the motor is 48V, 500W.

2) All electrical components of the scooter have the same voltage: motor, battery, controller, display. You can check the voltage of each part by checking the technical characteristics information written on it.

3) Each Joyor battery has a label with battery voltage and battery capacity information: 48V 13Ah

4) The voltage of the battery changes depending on the charge level of the battery. You can view the real-time voltage on the display in the multi-indicator area of the display (where mileage is visible by default). Short press the ON/OFF button to switch between different indicator lights in the multi-indicator area: from total mileage ODO to single mileage TRIP to real-time voltage V.

Here is information about the maximum and minimum battery voltages for different batteries:

24V: minimum 19V, maximum 29.2V

36V: minimum 27V, maximum 42V

48V: minimum 37V, maximum 54.6V

If you have any questions about Joyor, its technical features and performance, please contact: support@joyor-escooter.com

How to avoid a flat tire?

Contrary to popular belief, most scooter flat tires are not punctures caused by typical tire nails or other sharp objects. Flat tires are more common due to poor riding habits and lack of tire care. In order for a puncture to occur, the rider first has to find a sharp object to roll over. (It's harder to find than you think.) Next, the rider must roll the object in a precise manner so that it digs into the tire. Finally, the penetration depth must be sufficient to cut through the tire and tube. Unless your route is littered with water chestnuts, you're really unlucky for this to happen. However, if you don’t maintain your scooter regularly or don’t ride it diligently, a flat tire can happen. There are three important things you can do to avoid tire punctures. To help you remember it, we've organized them with the pun-intended abbreviation "AIR."

They represent:

• Add sealant,

• Check regularly for any physical damage and always inflate to the level written on the tire,

• Slow down wisely before any obstacles while riding and avoid large obstacles and water.

How much does a good electric scooter cost?

The price of a scooter mainly depends on the motor and battery it is equipped with. However, the most important thing when buying a scooter is each owner’s intended use (entry-level, mid-level or advanced electric scooter) and their personal preferences.

The cheapest 350 W scooters start at about 350 or 400 euros and have a range of 20 to 35 kilometers, while the best-equipped scooters cost about 550 or 600 euros and have a range of up to 50 kilometers. A 250W scooter is often already too limited for the average user.

Mid-range electric scooters cost between €650 and €900. They deliver 400 to 500 W of power and are therefore ideal for any purpose, driver type and uneven road surface. Typically, they already come with batteries that provide a range of 40 to 55 kilometers, and have better brake and suspension equipment levels than entry-level ones.

High-range electric scooters are purpose-built scooters that cost more than 900 euros. They have a range of 70 to 100 kilometers and an engine power of more than 500 W, or even 1000 W per engine.

What should you pay attention to when riding an electric scooter?

Safety first, wear a helmet when you start riding, pay attention to the local weather, then be aware of hazards on the road, and never forget to lock your scooter after riding