( Used Electric Scooter)JOYOR S8-S Dual Motor 600W*2 48V 26Ah Battery 10 Inch Tires 90km Long Range 55Km/h Max Speed Dual Hydraulic Brake 150KG Load IP54 Waterproof Folding Electric Scooter

PS: Used scooters do not make money, do not support the warranty, you can purchase an additional 6 months warranty
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55Km/h & Dual 600W Motors

The JOYOR S8-S offers exceptional speed and power with its dual 600W motors, reaching an impressive 55Km/h. It's perfect for quick urban commutes and adventurous rides.

26AH Lithium Long-Lasting Battery

Equipped with a high-capacity 48V 26Ah lithium battery, this scooter delivers an extended range, allowing you to explore the city or commute without worrying about frequent recharges.

Foldable & Portable

The scooter's foldable design ensures hassle-free portability and storage. It's a practical solution for city dwellers who need a compact, easy-to-transport commuting option.

Enhanced Safety Features

Advanced Braking System,Safety is a top priority with the JOYOR S8-S. It boasts an advanced braking system, providing responsive and reliable stopping power, enhancing rider security.

Comfortable Ride

10-Inch Tires for Smooth Travel,Smooth and comfortable ride, even on uneven surfaces, ensuring a pleasant experience for daily commuters and thrill-seekers alike.

Used Scooter Policy

Thank you for choosing our used scooter products. To ensure that you fully understand our policies and make an informed decision before purchasing, please read the following in detail. This policy covers after-sales service, warranty policy, product status, purchase instructions and other relevant information, aiming to provide second-hand scooter buyers with a transparent and fair purchasing experience.

1. Overview

Second-hand scooters are promotional products we launch, with the main purpose of allowing more users to enjoy the convenience of scooters at a lower cost. Since the profits of second-hand scooters themselves are slim, we specifically state that there is no after-sales warranty service for second-hand scooters. Please be sure to understand the relevant policies in detail before purchasing to ensure your rights and satisfaction.

2. After-sales service policy

Second-hand scooters do not provide after-sales warranty service. After purchase, we do not accept requests to return or exchange products unless there are obvious major quality issues.

1. No after-sales warranty

Second-hand scooters do not provide after-sales warranty service. After purchase, we do not accept requests to return or exchange products unless there are obvious major quality issues.

2. Troubleshooting

If you find any malfunction on the scooter within 5-7 days after receiving the goods, please contact us in time. We will reissue the corresponding accessories free of charge to solve the problem. Please note that we do not support returns or exchanges of products unless there are obvious quality issues.

3. Additional warranty services

Although we do not provide default after-sales warranty service, we understand that some customers may require additional protection. Therefore, we provide a paid half-year warranty service, as follows:

1.Warranty scope and period

  • Motor: Provides 2 months warranty.
  • Controller: Provides 3-month warranty.
  • Display instrument: Provides 3 months warranty.
  • Other accessories: half-year warranty provided.

2. Consumable parts not covered by warranty

Wear parts include but are not limited to: brake pads, brake lines, disc brakes, inner tubes, outer tires, light covers, and fenders. Due to their consumable nature, these parts are not covered by the warranty.

Our company will bear the accessories for you, and you need to bear the freight yourself.

Please read the after-sales policy of second-hand scooters carefully. If you cannot accept it, please place an order with caution.

4. product status and inspection

We guarantee that second-hand scooters have undergone strict testing and necessary refurbishment before leaving the factory. However, due to their second-hand nature, the products may have the following conditions:

1.Transportation and storage issues

  • Transportation Damage: Used scooters may suffer bumps or damage during transportation, which cannot be completely avoided. We will try to ensure that the product is in good condition before shipping.
  • Products returned by customers: Some second-hand scooters come from products returned by customers. After recycling, these scooters will undergo comprehensive inspection and refurbishment by warehouse maintenance personnel to ensure that the basic functions of the products are intact.
  • Storage time issue: Due to long storage time, the screws of some scooters may be slightly rusty. This is normal and will not affect the normal use of the scooter.

2. Battery health

We ensure that the battery health of all second-hand scooters is above 85% and they are all from this year. Please feel free to buy and use them.

3. Uncertainty of riding mileage

The actual riding mileage of a second-hand scooter is affected by many factors, including user weight, weather conditions, road conditions, etc. Therefore, we cannot accurately judge the specific mileage of each second-hand scooter, but we can guarantee that it will not be ridden for a long time.

4. Complete accessories

All second-hand scooters come with a charger and instruction manual to ensure you can use and maintain the scooter easily.

5. License plate issue on ABE scooters

The Y8S and S5ABE models among second-hand scooters can be registered normally, so please feel free to buy them.

5. consult before purchasing

In order to give you a more comprehensive understanding of second-hand scooters, we recommend that you consult our customer service staff before purchasing, and they will provide you with more detailed information and usage photos. Specific consultation content includes but is not limited to:

1. Product specific status

Inquire about the specific usage and appearance of the scooter to ensure that the product you purchase meets your expectations.

2. Pictures and more details

Customer service staff will provide detailed pictures of the scooter, including possible appearance defects and signs of use, so that you can have a more intuitive understanding of the product.

6. Instructions for placing orders

Please be sure to read and understand the above policies in detail before you decide to purchase. If you have any questions about or cannot accept the after-sales policy of second-hand scooters, please place an order with caution. Here are some things to pay special attention to:

1.Purchase intention

Buying a second-hand scooter requires a certain level of risk awareness and acceptance. Second-hand products, although affordable, may not last as long and in as good condition as brand-new products.

2. After-sales policy confirmation

Confirm that you have read and understood the after-sales policy of second-hand scooters, including no warranty, troubleshooting, and additional warranty services.

3. Consultation and information acquisition

Please be sure to contact customer service staff before placing an order to obtain detailed product information and usage photos to ensure a full understanding of the product.

7. Policy Statement

This policy aims to provide second-hand scooter buyers with a transparent and fair purchasing experience. We strive to protect your purchasing rights through clear policy terms and meticulous customer service. If you have any questions or suggestions about the policy content, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

Thank you again for choosing our used scooter products. We hope that the above detailed policy description will help you better understand and choose our products. We will continue to be committed to providing you with quality services and products. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact the customer service team and we will be happy to serve you.

Please note: The above policies are effective from the date of release, and the company reserves the right of final interpretation.

Thank you for your understanding and support, and wish you a happy shopping!

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